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Prime Ape Got the Blues – Invite the Devil in, FREE DOWNLOAD!

Stream “Invite the Devil In”:

Prime Ape Got the Blues second full-length album titled ”Invite the Devil In” was released on December 24th, 2010, and is available for free stream or free mp3 download – only.

“Invite the Devil In” is the product of two theme-based EPs that never saw the light of day, which make up for about one third of the album, and a bunch of all-new original tracks.

After PAGTB scratched the first couple of songs for their follow up to “It’s Not Easy Being a Digital Being” they decided to take a new route towards the darker and gloomier side of hip hop with blues-rock- guitars and heavy acoustic drums. A few tracks feature DJ/producer Co-pilot on turntables and the bonus track called “Adventures Beyond the Body” was created together with Owlface.

Download “Invite the Devil In” for free here.

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Background to present:
Prime ape got the blues released their debut album “It’s not easy being a digital being” in May, 2008 on Gourmé! Records.
The album was a loony, grimey and animated creation that with its impressive 1 hour and 11 minutes stretched all the way from hip hop to IDM to rock all with a kind of “punkish” curiosity to it.

Check out a few tracks from “It’s not easy being a digital being”:

When Gourmé! Records shut it’s doors in late 2009 “It’s not easy being a digital being” was discontinued, but it still might be re-released in the future. Prime Ape Got the Blues is now roaming free without label nor representaion and the duo’s planning new projects – one of which together with Owlface.


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